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We provide complete e-commerce solution including website design and development, and work with entrepreneurs for business development and digital marketing.


We are your local insights

We are your helping hand in Bangladesh with professional experience in financial markets, textile and ready-made garments, real estates, company law and import-export business in general. We work with small business owners, local affluent, non-residential Bangladeshis, and foreign residents who are interested in Bangladesh market; helping our clients with industry insights, market research and explore investment opportunities that best suit their individual financial goals and circumstances. 



Balancing your goal

True financial planning is a comprehensive, ongoing approach that starts with helping you define your objectives and goals, developing a plan to help you get there, then tracking your progress along the way, recommending changes where needed.

T3 Consultants is a team of professional money managers focused in financial planning and wealth management consulting helps you access to numerous investment options and explore various opportunities available in global markets, so you can build a portfolio designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

Let us be your local source

No one has business goals quite like yours. With that, when you have the right team sourcing for you the local resources, products and services, your life can be brilliant…


Our service through storng sourcing network

We work with reliable FIs, garments factories, and real estate companies in Bangladesh.

Whether you are looking for large ready made garments factories or need small but reliable boutique fashion desingers, we can connect you with both parties and can arrange orders of small quantity. We equally have good relations with financial institutions and real estate companies that have proven track records in doing business in Bangladesh.

Financial Management

Financial markets are constantly moving and you need a team who can manage your finance well, can analyze your portfolio and make adjustment for quick rebalancing. Our professional wealth management consultant can help you with all that.

Information Technology

We provide complete e-commerce solution including website design and development, and work with entrepreneurs for business development and digital marketing.

Sourcing & Outsourcing

We are based in Bangladesh and know the market well. We can do the sourcing for industrial products or services related to real estates and financial markets. Having a strong IT team allow us to provide business process outsourcing for small businesses.

Import & Suppiles

We are also an importer of consumer goods and general supplies, and can arrange the sourcing for other Bangladeshi companies on demand basis.

Recent Projects

We work with small businesses and help them expand through ecommerce technology.

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Online Jewelry Store

Trendy Fashionwear Online

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Agro-based E-commerce Site

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we are in the business of trading. Both in financial markets and in importing consumer products from Bangladesh.


We like to share our knowledge and conduct training on online and social marketing, setting up e-commerce, and technology in general.


We are experienced in business process re-engineering and digital transformation of legacy systems including financial and education.

Limited Offer

Free Weekly Seminars

Yes, we arrange weekly free seminars for free-lancers, entrepreneurs, and angel investors to have in-depth discussion on new opportunities in business world and how we can help in maximizing profit optimization. Feel free to send us an email with your queries and interests, and we’ll reserve a seat for you to attend our next event.

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